Suppose a weight class has only four entries – Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison. A four person bracket for these contestants might look like this: This would be the championship top bracket for this particular weight class. In the first round, Washington wrestles Adams, and Jefferson wrestles Madison. Suppose Washington defeats Adams, and Jefferson defeats Madison. Washington and Jefferson would advance. If the tournament is single elimination that is, lose once and you are out , then Adams and Madison are eliminated from the tournament. If the tournament is double elimination that is, lose twice and you are out , Adams and Madison drop down to the consolation losers bracket.

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September 24, Thinking of my buddy, friend and contributor Robert Hunter as he gets much deserved recognition today at the ‘Greater Vancouver Motorsports Society” Induction ceremony. Robert has been at a track in the NW for 50 years including oval, sprint, Motorcycle and Drag Racing. Congrat’s and well deserved.

It is unclear if the cash prize was ever awarded.

KTM had plenty of experience winning races, but developing a new, large-displacement v-twin and gearbox is always tricky business, especially when you’re used to building offroad singles. Getting Honda-levels of polish, a must in this market, was always going to be a challenge. Unfortunately, the RC8 launched with a crunchy, relatively unrefined gearbox and a slight power deficit.

It was expensive as well, and it seemed that few buyers were willing to give an untested product from the upstart Austrians a real chance. The design was striking and angular, with typically KTM styling touches like the bright orange frame, available orange-and-white color scheme, a weird, orange-tinted LCD gauge cluster and, wonder-of-wonders, humane ergonomics, even for riders over six feet tall! And if you didn’t like the set up, you could always move things around to suit: Performance was on par with the Ducati superbikes of the period, but it lacked their hard edge and sophisticated [for the period] electronics.

The high cost of the RC8, combined with a perceived lack of prestige, kept sales disappointingly slow. It’s a shame, as the potential was clearly there, and the problems with the original RC8 were largely ironed out by the time the RC8R was introduced in , with more power from the larger, dual-plug version of the engine that gave a claimed hp and an updated gearbox. Unfortunately, KTM’s management has declaimed superbikes as “having no place on public roads,” ironic considering their wild Superduke R and its attendant “Ready to Race” tag line and promotional videos

2015 Copa América

Famous Hustlers and their Fabulous Nicknames! Who were the greatest pool sharks of all time? Which players won the most tournaments? Who was the best shotmaker, the best bank artist, the best bar table player, the best run-out king?

Lassiter had won a slew of major tournaments during the s.

Vote in our bracket to determine the best Cruise that ever Cruised. You can do the NCAA-sanctioned The relatively economical but potentially harder-hitting We wanted every choice to matter, every vote to hurt, every click of the mouse to be preceded by a frankly embarrassing amount of soul-searching. All Cruise-killer, no Cruise-filler. And so the early elimination process commenced as we grabbed our IMDb saws and began hacking down to the bone. Suck it, in the hungry-creature-of-darkness-trying-to-keep-itself-undead sense.

How dare we not recognize a character named Cole Trickle? Gentlemen, stop your engines. And then we discarded four more and replaced them with an entire region of Real Cruises to reflect the offscreen characters that have become as memorable a part of his ongoing legacy as the onscreen ones. Does sacrificing those additional Movie Cruises make us monsters?

Hawks Football Camp at Chowan University

The round in which the cross occurs varies depending on the chosen format for a particular tournament.

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He is feeding on the applause of the hall, transforming into a ninja twirling his deadly cue, and then a werewolf in London, howling at the moon of his own greatness.


Greg is one of the most well know artist in the motrosport industry.

how to calculate byes in single tournament elimination

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