Enter your email to reset your password Or sign up using: Sign in if you’re already registered. Daskal’s programs galvanize clients into achieving their best, helping them accelerate and deliver on their professional goals and business objectives. Has become an instant best seller. Whether you attend a session in person or watch online, you can learn and gain inspiration and see and hear people tell their stories and share their expertise firsthand. It’s accessible, substantive information on virtually every topic imaginable. If reading the news first thing in the morning is bringing you down, why not save that task for a bit later in the day? Instead, take in one of these great TED talks with your breakfast. Since they’re under 20 minutes, it’s the perfect amount of time to spend with your breakfast and coffee–and you’ll start the day informed, motivated, and ready to go do great things. The Puzzle of Motivation “The science confirms what we know in our hearts.

5 TED Talks to Improve Your Love Life

One of the members of the selection committee for TEDx Venice Beach had just completed my meditation training , and thought that it would be good to include a talk about meditation. I eagerly accepted and began six weeks of intense preparation, neglecting just about everything else I had on my plate, including promotions for my new book that was just published a couple of weeks before. Long story short, I had an incredible experience! And here are 15 unexpected things I learned from giving my talk: All you need is a license from the TED organization to do so.

On the anniversary of her death he brought out a book, Amy, My Daughter.

Tall, White, and Entitled: Recently, a video of interest was passed my way. As a tall, white, attractive blonde, this TED talk struck a nerve with me, personally, as supermodel Cameron Russell was able to talk about a concept that I would never be able to deliver without sounding arrogant or conceited. Cameron Russell delivers an extremely eloquent and intelligent tale of her rise to fame as a supermodel, why she recognizes that her line of work is damaging, and how media and society perpetuate this endless cycle of beautiful people getting ahead with little or no effort.

She never planned to be a model, but simply fell into it as a teenager, made up, dressed up, and propped in front of a camera. She just happened to have the right look, proportions, and connections to make an unexpected career in modeling. Her talk is revealing and not lacking in irony, as she very well points out.

Her main point is that her look and career were built around a legacy that was created by society and media, idolizing tall, slender, and overwhelmingly white women. She admits to having won a genetic lottery that has helped advance her easily through life with favors and accolades being handed to her.

Ted and Robin

Can striking the proper pose put you in good standing for the rest of your life? Our Cover Story is reported now by Rita Braver: Forty-three-year-old psychologist Amy Cuddy is an Internet sensation. It all began when she was tapped to give a prestigious TED Talk in What’s mine communicating to you? Believe it or not, her studies show that if you stand like a superhero privately before going into a stressful situation, there will actually be hormonal changes in your body chemistry that cause you to be more confident and in-command.

Yes, you can keep the romance alive.

Have a personal story? Nancy makes a compelling case for the structure of an inspirational speech. Start Crafting Your Talk Crafting your talk will help clarify your message. Many TED talks have transcripts available. For an 18ish minute talk, the word count will be somewhere between and words. When you first begin crafting your TED talk, it is going to be terrible.

Create the shitty first draft. If you are more visual, start with making sticky notes of the key points. I used yellow for the personal story and green for the main points.

Which Political Party Benefited The Most From…

Elora Hardy — building from bamboo is beautiful. It is growing all around us, it’s strong, it’s elegant , it’s earthquake-resistant. Chimamanda Adichie — people are more than a single identity. Your mind is teeming with ideas , and not just randomly.

Whether or not you appreciate the spiritual undertones, Dr.

Share this article Share A desperate love affair with Blake had led to addictions to heroin and crack cocaine. He wasn’t faithful to her, and they divorced. By the time of her death she had been clean of drugs, according to her family, for three years. She was also said to be engaged to film director Reg Traviss — although this new romance was on and off as she struggled with her drink problem. In the video Amy, wearing her trademark black eyeliner, is seen joking and singing while looking directly at the camera On a bad day she would wake up, drink a bottle of wine, and go back to bed again.

On worse days she would binge on vodka. In July she was found dead in bed at her home in Camden, North London, by a bodyguard who had been hired to keep an eye on her. An inquest found she died of alcohol poisoning, with two empty vodka bottles beside her bed. Blame for Amy’s troubles is laid far and wide by the film. Blake Fielder-Civil’s role in her downfall is discussed at some length. Amy’s father Mitch, though, says that in the end it was down to her, and that the family did all they could.

And this is what has caused an immense and unedifying row, ahead of the film’s premiere at noon. For the Amy on screen leaves viewers in no doubt that Mitch was not a great father.

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Get Inspired At a time when the world’s problems can seem overwhelming, the TED conference offers a welcome dose of passion, optimism, and powerful ideas. If you go, you may find yourself sitting next to regulars like Amazon. The Power of Sharing Ideas Chris Anderson, the curator of TED which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design , has described it as the place you go to discover how what you do relates to the rest of the world of knowledge that’s out there.

He adds that there were hours of footage of them getting on well together, but that the film-makers — the team behind the acclaimed documentary Senna, about the late racing driver — chose to use one argument.

And the abuse does not stop in the home. It follows women to work, threatening their productivity and safety, and the safety of their coworkers. Learn more about how domestic violence affects women in the workplace, and then take action to protect survivors in your own community. It knows no social, economic, ethnic, or racial boundaries. But domestic violence is not a one-size-fits-all issue. The following four Ted Talks discuss domestic violence from multiple perspectives, helping us to better understand this complex issue.

Leslie Morgan Steiner is a businesswoman, author, and domestic violence survivor. Her relationship started with adoration and love, but moved to isolation, manipulation, and violence. In this talk, Leslie seeks to answer the question many people ask about women who are being abused: In this talk, Jackson calls on men to help combat gender violence by challenging the social norms that lead to it.

Pamela Taylor, Creating a Safe Space for the Empowerment of Women Pamela Taylor is best known as the co-founder of Dress for Success, a nonprofit organization that helps disadvantaged women build the skills they need to get jobs. In this talk, Pamela discusses her abusive relationship and how it motivated her to start her organization. Send a Message of Support to Survivors of Domestic Violence Stand in solidarity with survivors by sending messages of love, hope, respect and encouragement on our inspiration board!

​Amy Cuddy strikes a power pose

Enter the terms you wish to search for. The Chicago native was Rosenthal had long delighted children with her books including “Duck!

By the time of her death she had been clean of drugs, according to her family, for three years.

She was not academically inclined, but was interested in the creative arts and sang in the school choir. Although she competed in track and gymnastics, she harbored ambitions of becoming a ballerina and trained as an apprentice at the local David Taylor Dance Company. Dinner theater and early screen appearances Adams began her professional career as a dancer in a dinner theater production of A Chorus Line in Boulder, Colorado. Although she enjoyed singing and dancing, she disliked waitressing and ran into trouble when a fellow dancer, whom she considered a friend, made false accusations about her to the director.

I only knew I kept getting called in and lectured about my lack of professionalism. My body was wearing out. Club wrote that Adams plays her “alpha-bitch role with vicious glee largely missing from Sarah Michelle Gellar’s sterile take on the character”. She described her experience on the film as a “huge confidence booster”.

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